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Taping 30 mins

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The application of rigid or flexible (Kinesiology) tape dependant upon the stage of injury.  

In the early stages of an injury rigid tape may be required to support a joint and decrease its range of movement to prevent further damage.   After the first few days the focus is on inhibiting those muscles that have gone into spasm around a joint to help allow movement within pain free limits, or to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling.  Flexible (K) tape would be used to achieve this.

As healing progresses and you start to regain more movement in a joint, it may help if the healing tissues are offloaded whilst their range of movement is increased.  Specific Proprioceptive Rehabilitation Taping may be used for this or Rigid tape.

Finally once an injury is in the final stages of recovery muscle facilitation may be required to help get them working again and to help improve co-ordination.  Flexible (K) Tape is used for this

Taping   30 mins